Cupcake Meet XX: Behind The Scene Flyer Photoshoot

Coordinating multiple cars, makeup artists, models, and studio is not always an easy task. Cancellation, delays, and last minute problems are some of the issues that are although rare – but can happened.

With the anticipation of Cupcake Meet XX, our photography team headed by our Art Director, Richard Dzao, prepared for a long day of preparation. The photography team is composed of lead photographer, David Eerikainen, of E2 Imagery, and our assistant photographer, Thuong Vo.


Our lovely featured model is Marie Madore.

12 lrflyer-4

It’s always a riot when Lisa drops by to say “HI!”


Here’s Richard pretending he’s a monkey hanging from a tree.

While some work, others play. Selfies, snoozing, and eating is a habit within the Cupcake Meet family.

4 7 15 16

Behold the finished product. We look forward to seeing everyone at Cupcake Meet XX this July 26 at the Central Texas Speedway. Thanks for dropping by and Keep on Cupcakin’!

CCM XX Flier Official FrontCCM XX Flier_Back Official


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