Cupcake Meet 18 Check Presentation


Free To Live is a non-profit sanctuary for stray, abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats. It is the largest no-kill sanctuary in Oklahoma. From Free To Live more than 500 animals are adopted out to loving homes each year. At the sanctuary, animals that are not adopted live out their lives with healthy food, shelter and medical care. Euthanasia is not practiced.”

 On December 29th, we decided to meet up with the non-profit organization that houses over 320 animals. Cupcake Meet 18 was on November 30th in Stroud, Oklahoma. It was a successful event with Friction Motorsports as the host of the drifting aspect of it where cars slide their rear tires in a controlled manner. Many showed up from Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas area as well as local Oklahomans to support this.






Photos by OK Stance:

For more coverage by them:

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Photos by Tiffany Truong and Gary Smith


We can’t thank everyone enough for their generous donations of items such as canned/ bags of dog/cat food, blankets, and litter as well as their participation at CCM where 100% proceeds go towards the charity we chose in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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Gary Smith, owner of Friction Motorsports, requested this charity due to it being the largest no-kill sanctuary in Oklahoma. With many animal shelters out there choosing euthanasia as a way to control the stray animal population, they gather as many animals as they can to save their lives by giving it shelter, food, and a chance to be adoptable animals!

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We donated $2,155.00 to Free to Live Animal Sanctuary after Jamie, one of the members of this organization, gave us a tour of the facility.

 Thanks to Gary Smith, Jeremy Davis, Tony Pham, Quienten Wallick, and Matt Willson for coming out with CCM Tiffany in presenting the check!


 We hope y’all had a great time at CCM 18 and we’re so thankful that y’all support a great animal shelter and believe in what we do! 

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